Jiangxi Kang Qi Furniture Co., Ltd.

Private sofa and middle grade solid wood suite

Jiangxi Kang Qi Furniture Co. Ltd. is located in Shenyang road China central Furniture Industrial Park No. 6, is an introduction of the most advanced furniture production equipment and production technology, specializing in the production of sofa and in high-grade wood suites of the modern enterprise; the company was founded in 1993, after 20 years of rapid and steady growth in its name people under the leadership of Yan Xiaozhong, today has the standard chemical plant nearly 50 thousand square meters, more than 500 employees; Kang Qi furniture in "morals, ability is the first" concept, the introduction of international advanced design concepts, sales and management mode, has a group of experienced professional technical and management personnel, to make products the quality of excellence; "Yanshi craftsman" brand series has been Jiangxi province Industrial and Commercial Bureau named "Jiangxi famous trademark" in 2013, the "famous brand" the title of Jiangxi Province, product sales network throughout the country three provinces and cities Four grade furniture market Kang Qi furniture grasp nature, regression, humanity, personality, family, brand development concept original, developed the "Yanshi craftsman" suite series; "intentions, initiative, cooperation, win-win" is the Kang Qi furniture all the spirit of enterprise; sense of responsibility, spirit of innovation, professionalism and teamwork is the essence of Kang Qi furniture enterprise culture lies in the Kang Qi furniture stands a professional strategy team highly cohesive and innovative. They always adhere to the "serious, responsible, efficient, commitment, work principle never excuses", dare to unite in the market in waves of struggle, it is this unique business culture and the spirit, let the company always maintain the leader position in the field of furniture, solid wood furniture market. Kang Qi people determined to "building Yanshi craftsman" brand "brand" China central wood suites, stick with sweat and passion Commitment, with perseverance and enthusiasm to confirm the faith, with wisdom and passion chasing dreams!